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open water cooling system
UPDATE : 2020/08/15

1.Main Products

The count-flow cooling tower adopts the bottle type design, with the smallest wind load, easy assembly and strong durability. Each part is strictly produced according to the ISO 9001 standard. The product has the highest efficiency after tested, and it can operate with very low noise.

count-flow cooling tower

    The housing is made of FRP(fiber reinforced plastics) material. It has great water resistance and hardness, the surface can reach to the level of mirror surface. The housing color is silver-gray, which can prevent ultraviolet rays and is not easy to age.The high performance and automatic rotating nozzle is made of high-strength plastic or aluminum alloy.

open water cooling system,count-flow cooling tower

2.Parts Description
1) Fill
    Its feature is large cooling area and high thermal performance integrating with wind guiding, cooling and water collection functions. The packing is convenient for installation, removal and cleaning without undermining packing to increase service life.
2)Spray nozzle
    Water distribution system: square counterflow cooling tower adopted pipe-fixed water distribution system,and equipped with three-splashed nozzle, the feature is even-distribution, low water pressure, non-choked, that can  make the water flow to spray into the fill evenly and ensure heat exchange 
fully .

water cooling system

3) Compressed-air system---Electric motor
    The electric motor is designed according to special requirements for cooling tower provided by ARK Company. It is convenient to be changed, disassembled and maintained, and provided with long failure-free operation time, high efficiency, protection level (IP55) and insulation class (class F), etc. The electric motor can be operated under the hygrothermal environment of cooling tower with low energy consumption for a long time.

4) Fan blade (wing-type air blower - ultralow noise)

water cooling system

    It is provided with aluminum alloy material, light weight, high strength, and big blowing rate; with slow-speed of revolution operation, low energy consumption and noise and service life is long. Its angle can be adjusted randomly according to its operating duty. In addition, it can apply the power rating with the maximum degree to achieve the best operating status

structure of open water cooling system

3.Main Parameter

main parameter of water cooling system


1) Easy accessible driving system.

2) CTI certified cooling tower.

3) Patented(SX-COMB)fill desing.

4) High efficient air-foil axial fan.

5) Water distribution system.

6) Signle piece casing basin.

7) Rliable mainframe
8) Velocity recovery stack
9) Mechanical part
10) Factory assembled
11) Stainless steel strainer
12) Easy fill cleaning and replacement
13) Mechanical parts protection
14) Largest working platform

open water cooling system

5.   Main Features
1) High efficiency (cooling effect 100%)
2) High efficiency and energy conservation

3) Low noise: High-quality sound-absorbent materials and transmission parts are used to effectively control noise produced by machine

4Several cells can be combined together to keep normal running in case of any fan in default.    

5) Environmental protection property of cooling tower equipment and in film shape to maximally avoid the flowing sound of water.

open water cooling system

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