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Pneumatic Furnace Building Machine
UPDATE : 2018/06/01

Working principle:

Working principle of pneumatic furnace building machine and electric furnace building machine is different, compared with electric furnace building machine, the automaticity is stronger, you just need to crane hanging automatic tie a knot.

Knot is vibration to finish by pump, pneumatic furnace building machines generally also can match the furnace bottom vibrator, thus directly to save the human.

Pneumatic furnace building machines generally knot for more than 3 tons of large medium frequency electric furnace.

Pneumatic vibrator hearth furnace building machines:

Suitable for 3-30 tons of induction furnace hearth of dao

Vibration, vibration frequency is adjustable

Dao and close-grained, furnace building are of good quality

Two hammer pneumatic furnace building machines:

Suitable for 1-5 tons induction furnace system of furnace wall

Automatic rotation, continuous hammering, save time and effort

Improve the furnace building operation environment

Main technical Parameters:

KLQ-D-E Pneumatic Furnace Builder
Number of Hammer HeadTwo Hammer Head
Steel MouldCan Exchange
Vibration force1800N
Gas Consumption(Single Head)13 L/S
Suitable for2-7T MF Furnace

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