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Molding machine
UPDATE : 2020/08/11

ONE.Horizontal Molding Machine

  1. Main Parameter

    main parameter of horizontal molding machine

  2. Introduction

       The machine is suitable for large-scale production of castings with deep concavity and difficult mold opening, such as mechanical parts for motor housing sewing machine.

      The automatic top box molding machine has the characteristics of scientific and reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and good mold quality.

      The machine will perform shaking, compression, mold opening, etc. all mechanically. (The mold opening mechanism uses cylinders, connecting rods, synchronous shafts, etc. to achieve synchronized mold opening.)

  3. Advantage

    1) Simple operation, reliable quality, energy saving and environmental protection

    2) Precision casting, generous appearance, durable

Horizontal Molding Machine

TWO.Fully Automatic Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine

  1. Main parameter

    Main parameter of Fully Automatic Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine

  2. Advantage

    1) Improve production efficiency and save human resources

    2) Efficient and stable, 24H continuous operation

    3).The height of sand mold is adjustable, saving sand

    4) has a safety grating to ensure safe use

    5) Built-in thousands of memory functions, no need to adjust the machine when changing the mold

    6) Low equipment failure rate and self-diagnosis

    7) Simple operation, no professional technicians needed

    8).Servo hydraulic closed-loop control, low energy consumption

Fully Automatic Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine

THREE.Casting Molding Production Line

Casting Molding Production Line

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