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Main control Board
UPDATE : 2018/06/02


MPU - 2 constant power thyristor medium frequency power supply control board is mainly composed of power supply, controller, phase shift control, phase sequence adaptive circuit, protection circuit, start calculation circuit, inverter frequency tracking, inverter pulse forming , pulse amplifier and pulse transformer.

Its core components with high performance, high density, large special MPU integrated circuit, the circuit in addition to the regulator,  others are all realized digitizing。The part of rectifier trigger does not need any adjustment, with high reliability, high pulse symmetry, strong anti-jamming capability, fast response characteristics, ect. And with phase sequence adaptive circuit, it is no need synchronous transformer, so removes the debugging phase modulation sequence to the synchronous work in the scene, only connect the KP thyristor gate line on the corresponding terminal and make sure rectifier part can be put into operation.

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