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Inverter Board
UPDATE : 2018/06/02


Highly insulated pressure to achieve more than 6000V, proof and waterproof, adapted with a variety of harsh production environment.

High permeability ferrite core, waveform distortion, frontier steep driving ability, can directly drive 50-4000A SCR.

As a result of the special circuit structure, to prevent crosstalk between the inverter thyristor, a thyristor does not work properly to avoid causing damage to the other thyristor.


Insulated gate bipolar transistor is determined by the BJT (bipolar transistors) and MOS (insulated gate field effect transistor) composite full-controlled voltage-driven power semiconductor devices, both the MOSFET high input impedance and low GTR conduction voltage drop of both worlds.

GTR saturation voltage, carrier density, but the drive current is large; MOSFET drive power is small, fast switching speed, but the voltage drop large, carrier density. IGBT combines the advantages of these two devices, the drive power is small and low saturation voltage.

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