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Induction coil
UPDATE : 2018/06/02

Coil design principles:

Coil is heart of induction furnace, induction coil generated strong magnetic filed under power of electricity, this magnetic field makes metal generate eddy current and heat inside of furnace hearth. Coil is the key point of electricity transform to heat, so coil design is very important. Our coil designed according to induction furnace practical service condition, on the basis of electromagnetic field principle, confirmed by dedicated computer software. The tolerance of induction coil practical operate power and design power is no larger than 5%, insulation of coil, especially turn-to-turn insulation, use advanced insulation process method to guarantee, dedicated clamps technology reduces axial vibration of coil.

Coil internal wall is sprayed with imported high temperature resistant insulating materials, and installed furnace leakage alarm system, can protect from bosh breaking out. Optional furnace lining ejection structure, clean damaged furnace lining rapidly, for easy and fast furnace construction.   

Coil of Aluminum Shell Furnace Coil of Steel Shell Furnace Coil of Square Shell Furnace

Coil Of Heating Furnace Coil Clay knotted of steel shell furnace T2 copper induction coil materials

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