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Electric Furnace Building Machine
UPDATE : 2018/06/01

Intermediate frequency furnace equipment equipped with furnace building type and parameters: 



Rated Power(W)150
Vibration Frequency(/MIN)2900
Input Voltage/Phase(V)400/3
Factory Vibration Force(KN)2
Adjustable Vibration Force(KN)0-2
The Host Weight(KG)8.8

ZL - B type electric furnace builder in our company adopts Italian ITA import motor, with light weight, 

reliable quality, strong and uniform vibration.


The introduction of electric furnace building machine:      

Electric furnace building machine mainly used in melting furnace lining to make, belong to knot lining specialized tools.

Electric furnace building machine is made up of vibrating host and furnace builder tools.

Construction tools include: the flat spade, vibration of furnace bottom, furnace wall with flat plate, tamping fork, extended tube, pipe joint, etc.

Electric furnace building machine is produced according to the motor drives eccentric gear to get the vibration,  through the vibration of lining plate and furnace wall pass vibration to sand, sand compaction is expected to air in the sand side by side, to make the sand and the sand material between get to a high packing density.

Advantages of electric furnace builder in the knot:

Using electric furnace building machine, can make more closely connection between layer and layer of lining, and even, after sintering can achieve the best compactness.

Greatly improve the production efficiency of furnace lining, the average production time can increase 5-6 hours.

Reduce the intensity of workers, five of the original need to work, now two people easy to complete.

Very beneficial to the environment, not because the knot to produce dust, etc.

After knot, can greatly improve the lining life, furnace life can increase by about 10% on average.

Light and convenient, easy to carry and use.

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